Whilst the below is eschewed in relation to Construction it is equally as applicable to all manner of commercial relationships within business and so we do not wish to be pigeon holed as construction only and which to diversify our appeal to those that consider this expertise to be applicable to their organisation/ sector. This we consider to be our differentiator in the market.
    • Provide professional advice, expertise, and practical assistance to all assigned requesting individuals within end-user Client Organisation(CO) in the review and preparation of scopes of work, including the verification of the completeness and accuracy of the technical information supplied.
    • Provide expert advice and direction to CO during tender preparation to ensure that the most suitable contracting strategy for a given scope of work is utilized.
    • We will identify the most suitable pricing mechanism for a given scope of work, i.e. lump sum, re-measured, cost- plus, escalation factor, exchange fluctuations etc. taking into account the intended Contract duration.
    • We can compile tender documents in their entirety. Responsible for their completeness, clarity and competitive aspects.
    • My role is to finalize and issue all tender documentation and correspondences in line with agreed contract and tender strategies in accordance with the CO’s Policies and Procedures to safeguard the CO’s interests.
    • Prepare and administer the issue and control of all relevant CO contracts and Call-off Contracts ensuring compliance with CO’s Policies and Procedures.
    • If the contracting strategy requires pre-qualified bidders, prepare suitable tailor made pre qualification documents, invitations and evaluation criteria alongside CO and render expert advice in short listing potential bidders.
    • Liaise with Finance, Legal, and Insurance representatives during the tender preparation to ensure CO’s for review of Tenders, discussions, etc
    • Participate in mid-tender meeting/site visits and answer bidder’s queries related to commercial and contractual issues.
    • Follow-up Tenderers’ queries for clarifications during the tendering process, give necessary feed-back on Contractual/Commercial queries to CO and ensure that suitable tender bulletins are issued in a timely manner.
    • Participate and assist in conducting technical evaluation of bids with the CO, identify deficiencies/inconsistencies, confirm Tenderers’ compliance with the tender requirements and comment on irregularities, omissions and qualifications, assist with the preparation of clarification correspondence and advise on technical acceptance of tenders, assist in preparation of technical evaluation report.
    • Ensure that technical and commercial reviews are consistent with the terms and conditions of tenders, CO’s Policies and Guidelines and the evaluation criteria apply equitably to all received bids. Alert CO in the event that bid validities are expiring.
    • Lead the commercial evaluation team and take responsibility in carrying out commercial evaluation of tenders and prepare commercial evaluation report, bid tabulation sheet and “contract award” submittal to the applicable CO management.
    • During commercial negotiations with bidders and CO Management, render practical assistance for effective negotiation including preparation of management briefs.
    • Represent the CO in various tender and evaluation. Maintain strict confidentiality and ethics on all contractual matters.
    • Prepare notification to successful bidders by way of Letter of Acceptance / Intent as required.
    • Compile Contract Documents incorporating the effect of all negotiations, clarifications and qualifications.
    • Prepare Contract Documents for signature of both parties. Attend Contract Kick-off-Meetings
    • Render contractual review and interpretation to CO, as and when required, on interim payment applications of Contractors by verifying accuracy and compliance with the contract provisions. Monitor contract progress and completion dates as necessary.
    • Evaluate critically all variations, claims, change orders or concession requests raised by Contractors and advice CO of the admissibility or otherwise of the same, assist in preparing submission to concerned CO management for approval and prepare Variations to Contract for signing by Contract parties.
    • Post Contract administration of Contracts in evaluation of claims, variations and settlement of final account. Review and make recommendations as appropriate on all claims/VTC’s and co-ordinate with the Legal Department in settling these issues.
    • Participate during contractual claim discussions and negotiation/resolution meetings with Contractors.
    • Review and evaluate claims, and report on validity in consultation with designated Project Team.
    • Participate in contractual claim/variation, negotiation meetings, in protecting Company’s financial interest.
    • Review Contract Insurance requirements, Performance/Tender Bonds etc. and prepare correspondence related to validity/renewal etc. of the above documents.
    • Assist in reviewing Contract Department Procedures, contract strategies and in applying the aforesaid standards to the various Contracts. Keep abreast of changes, new trends, rules and regulations, provisions and restrictions in the contracting industry of the country, identify deficiencies and improvements in the existing system, participate in ‘Continuous Improvement Audits’ and put forward meaningful suggestions.
    • Operate independently within standard industry practices and contracting procedures and suggest solutions in case of non-routine cases and on issues requiring further advise and feedback.
    • Operate independently on tenders and contracts assigned to me.
    • Review and analyze project concession requests and technical/contractual deviations from the agreed.
    • Assist the Contracts Department in reviewing “model” contracts, contract procedures, contract strategies and in applying the aforesaid standards to the various Company contracts.
    • Answer queries and assist the Departments during internal and external audits.
    • On completion of Contract, advise on the closure of the project from a contractual, commercial, and legal point of view. Reviewing of Final Account to close out the Contract financially.
    • Maintain regular contact with the Project Managers, Finance Department and other concerned department representatives to discuss and resolve various contractual issues.
    • Serve as focal point in the development and training of new starts assigned to the Department.
    • Monitor contract progress and commitments including monitoring work progress for measurement contracts, monitoring contracts expenditure against financial limits.
    • Performs other duties as required or assigned.


What is BIM?

There is no universal definition of BIM and definitions continue to evolve. However BIM is not software. It is much more than 3D-modelling. It is a business process, and therefore you cannot go out and “buy BIM”.
  • BIM is both technology and a new way of working, i.e. tools which improve delivery of outputs, and implementation of a collaborative culture.
  • BIM is about information, communication and delivery, with greater emphasis on “information”.
  • BIM is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility in order to work out problems, and simulate and analyse the potential impacts.
  • BIM is a shared knowledge resource, forming a reliable basis for decisions during a facility’s lifecycle.
5D BIM can be defined in terms of the multi-dimensional functions:
  • 3D – parametric design models and space programming tools, i.e. use of spatial dimensions of width, length and depth to represent an object, which enables 3D visualisations and walkthroughs, clash detection and coordination, and item scheduling.
  • 4D – this is 3D plus “time”. The ability to link the individual 3D parts or assemblies with the project delivery timeline, including scheduling of resources and quantities, and modular prefabrication to assist tracking and project phasing. In addition to collaboration, 4D simulations function as communication tools to reveal potential bottlenecks. Both planners and contractors can use BIM onsite for verification, guidance and tracking of construction activities.
  • 5D – this is 4D plus “cost”. Integration of design with estimating, scheduling and costing, including generation of Bills of Quantities, and derivation of productivity rates and labour costs.
For project managers, planners and quantity surveyors, integrated 5D BIM will enable them to:
  • Offer clients the chance to explore several different scenarios, i.e. illustrating how a change in design impacts both the programme and budget. Cost estimates can be linked to the BIM model so that a change in the design would be immediately reflected in the budget and programme. As part of Integrated Project Delivery, it is possible to work on a “live model”, meaning that a change in the geometry of the facility (3D model) will change the calculations for the programme and cost.
  • Provide the project teams with resource-loaded schedules, accurate cash flow forecasts, detailed project risk analyses, and even resource forecasts for major subcontractors.
The Benefits of BIM
  • Enhanced information exchange and added document control, including sharing models, meeting minutes, project images etc.
  • BIM aids design of sustainable facilities. Environmental Performance Modelling entails analytical and simulation technologies. Simulations can be used to find the ideal building orientation, and to calculate the potential return in energy and the feasibility of each system, until performance is optimised.
  • Interoperability, i.e. the ability to share data across applications.
  • Elimination of unbudgeted changes on projects.
  • Cost estimation accuracy to within 3%.
  • Up to 80% reduction in time taken to generate a cost estimate.
  • Clash detections, particularly services, providing time and cost savings.
  • Reduction in project delivery time.
  • Reduction in remedial works due to enhanced quality control and design coordination.
  • Built-in structural analysis capabilities, which are key for fabricators.
Making BIM work
  • An organisation must first determine its business processes, then buy the software that will support those business processes, and not the other way round.
  • At project level, there should be a willingness to share information and work collaboratively, i.e. integrate design with construction.
The UK Government’s Position

The UK government recently announced that public projects will now be expected to employ BIM processes.

Paul Morell, the government’s chief construction adviser said, “Within five years, all government procurement will be within 3D collaborative BIM, with specific exceptions where the cost might exceed the benefit, although I have to say I am struggling to think of obvious examples of that”.

Business must meet the following by 2016

Level 2 BIM

This is distinguished by collaborative working – all parties use their own 3D CAD models, but not necessarily working on a single, shared model. The collaboration comes in the form of how the information is exchanged between different parties – and is the crucial aspect of this level. Design information is shared through a common file format, which enables any organisation to be able to combine that data with their own in order to make a federated BIM model, and to carry out interrogative checks on it. Hence any CAD software that                                                        each party used must be capable of exporting to one of the common file formats such as IFC (Industry Foundation Class) or COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange).

This is the method of working that has been set as a minimum target by the UK government for all work on public-sector, work by 2016.

The Office of Government Commerce’s “Achieving Excellence in Construction” initiative requires central government departments and public sector organisations to commit to maximising efficiency, effectiveness and value for money through continuous improvement. A holistic BIM approach aids this initiative through improved efficiencies, collaboration and waste-reduction.

The Future is BIM

It’s vital that the industry works with all stakeholders in the adoption and implementation of BIM and its continual advancement.

Major hurdles to widespread BIM adoption include lack of initiative and training, lack of awareness, reluctance to change existing work practices, the fragmented nature of the industry, and lack of clarity.

There are also legal concerns such as whether or not BIM models are contract documents. The industry needs to redefine current contract models to make BIM adoption and use much easier. This could be achieved by including appropriate clauses to deal with insurances, BIM model intellectual rights etc. Professional liability claims may actually decline in the next few years due to implementation of BIM.

The industry also needs to work proactively with universities to ensure that BIM modules are introduced into higher education curricula, reducing graduate training costs to industry.

Return on Investment

What about Return on Investment (ROI) of BIM? US case studies showed ROI ranging from as little as 15% to as much as 1600%. But perhaps we should look at the added value brought by BIM and assess the cost of not using BIM, i.e. the cost of not embracing new technology and changing our way of working for the better. Studies are also underway on how smart mobile devices can be used to add value to BIM.

We are also working with clients; educational establishments and key business partners to raise BIM awareness and promote an integrated BIM approach on projects. We expect more and more clients to start demanding BIM on their projects.


Growth can be stressful for food manufacturers. Particularly for artisan producers with traditional processes. This is where we are your support.

Working in conjunction with other consultants, we aim to assist nuture and grow your business whether is be locally, nationally or indeed internationally.

Our global knowledge and insight will engage with you to find a growth trajectory that suits your requirements without compromising the quality and integrity of your product offering.

With our specific background in construction we are here to guide you on the best value solution to ensure your processing plant / brewery / distribution depot are delivery in a timely cost effective manner whilst running at optimal levels with scalable solutions that protect your interests.


We believe we can offer assistance to any supplier subcontract or service provider in the real estate market to ensure that they reach their full potential in there target markets whether this be local; national or international, our knowledge will be your gateway to reaching beyond the invisible parameters to set more new goals whilst protecting your interests but allowing you to reach your full potential.

It is at this point that the following is quote is worth considering

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse. – Henry Ford


Thanks to social networking platforms, it’s never been easier to keep in contact with your client base / supply chain.

Many of the best social networking platforms out there have been around for a while, but as smartphones get smarter, so do the apps, and we will help you understand that you can now do more than ever.

From popular favorites like Facebook and Instagram to more Media industry devotee Twitter or professionally based Linkedin, there’s never been a better time to find a social network that’s tailored to your needs.

We are avid users of the plethora of Social Media and take the view that with some basic coaching anyone that wants to can become a proficient users. We cover:

  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox

We will also show you how to make the optimum use of the latest communication tools within your business so that you can reduce costs and increase knowledge sharing in realtime in order to respond to rapidly changing external forces.

  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp

Our fees are fixed and we want you educate you to manage your own online content with no other agenda than helping you sell your products and services as effectively through these new mediums as possible.


After a short consultation and briefing meeting we will give you a list of 20 contacts which we believe will enable you to get additional work. The better the consultation and briefing the more we believe we can deliver.

If there is a specific contract or client you want to set up a meeting with we can also deliver this via or roster of contacts and expertise in research.


Whatever you want we can source? Our search expertise and industry knowledge means that over the years when requested to source products / services we can deliver almost anything related to real estate and construction.



We will demystify the approaches and relate best practices to your current business operations to ensure that best value is being achieved for a of your operational expenses. Allowing you to concentrate on the service delivery.